Plato meets Planck: the illusion of mass, space and time


'at present no theory in physics is able to calculate the fine structure constant or the electron mass' -wiki

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The desire to explain the constants has been behind efforts to develop a unified description of nature, a "theory of everything". Physicists hope that such a theory would show that each of the constants of nature could have only one logically possible value. It would reveal an underlying order to the seeming arbitrariness of nature. -Scientific America 2005

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Plato's Cave

2015 edition online
(updated 22 Feb 2016)

The Ancient universe:

This website discusses a mathematical model of an Intelligent (as in a non-random) Universe that is based on axioms of the ancient Greek and eastern philosophers. From Pythagoras and Plato to Buddha and the Tao (Yin-yang), a model of the Ancient Universe is reconstructed; this model is then interpreted in terms of the modern universe. The book Plato’s Cave is the primary reference material, however it refers to concepts in physics that will be unfamiliar to most readers, this website may be seen as a supplement explanation. For the technical reader, articles and formulas can be found on the website

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the fifth element Q

(updated Dec 2015)
We find a theorectical solution for a 5th element the fabric of the universe, only instead of using the 4 classical elements earth, water, fire and air...

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Physics of the tao

(updated Dec 2015)
The mathematics behind the Yin-yang suggests a solution to the problem of wave-particle duality in physics. It would seem to be a universal law... 

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universe from zero

(updated Dec 2015)
From the mathematics of the TAO and the sunyata or emptyness of Buddhism we can build an atom from zero. The question then is, what is zero...

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the matrix

(updated Dec 2015)
Our dimensions of mass, space and time may be simple geometrical shapes, part of the elephant, if so then our universe is a gigantic dataset and we are the algorithms... 

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The videos

   This website accompanies Part I of the book Plato's Cave. I have tried to restrict the mathematics of this model to Parts II & III, however without a background to the physics we cannot build upon the concepts, for when there is no solid foundation upon which to construct a philosophy, then any argument can be correct for none can be challenged. And so in Part I, I first introduce the axioms of the Ancient Universe and then show how these relate to modern physics. Because any valid theory of the universe must potentially be able to explain the universe, I cover the main topics; from relativity, the big bang, gravity, atomic orbitals, dark energy, the fundamental constants etc, topics unfamiliar to most, and so on this site I intend to add more visual explanations, hence these videos are a start, and when time permits to improve the quality. For those who are familiar with basic physics I have set up a 2nd site with the formulas and articles (see physics). There I describe a solution to the Mathematical Universe.

plato's 4-D cave

(updated Dec 2015)
If we replace 4-D spacetime with a 4-D motion hypersphere then we can eliminate relativity, but this suggests that mass, space and time are illusions, images on our cave-wall...

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pythagoras gravity

(updated Dec 2015)
Issac Newton watched an apple fall and from this constructed the theory of gravity, but what if the apple wasn't falling, what if Pythagoras had the answer all these years...  

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the universe spiral

(updated Dec 2015)
The cosmic microwave background data suggests that it is not the Fibonacci series (the golden ratio) but the spiral of Theodorus which is used by the universe itself...

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