We live in a universe that appears to operate smoothly according to a set of laws which we do not fully understand. Furthermore we have 2 completely different and opposing sciences to describe this universe – the life sciences; biology, organic chemistry, and the physical sciences; inorganic chemistry, physics... Likewise we have a distinct separation between the spiritual and the scientific worlds although the spiritual realm is intrinsically linked to the life-sciences.
     And so we may ask, is it not redundant to have 2 completely different sets of laws to govern a single universe, especially as biological systems clearly integrate seamlessly with physical systems.
     We know there is a biological science, we ourselves are evidence of this, and so if there is only 1 set of laws that govern our universe, then these laws may be the laws of organic systems, in other words, the physical sciences may themselves be life sciences.
     And so, if the universe is somehow organic in structure, then the mystery of the universe becomes the mystery of life itself.

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The Mathematics of an Organic Universe
Cosmological Natural Selection and Intelligent Design

"Listening to the Logos rather than to me, it is wise to agree that all things are in reality one thing and one thing only".
-Heraclitus, Greek Philosopher

read Part I; the organic universe

The Physics

Science has developed a series of mathematical laws to explain observations of our universe. These are known as the Laws of Physics and are constructed upon the premise that there are constants that govern our universe. Every electron for example is the same as every other electron, gravity is the same everywhere and so forth, hence the description constants. The leads to the question as old as mankind himself, although posed in different forms, essentially; is this therefore a clockwork universe blindly following a mechanical set of rules or is this an 'organic' universe following some form of pre-determined pattern aka Intelligent Design.

Plato's Cave looks at the mathematics of such a universe where Intelligent Design is defined in the biological sense; that the universe is growing according to the same precepts that govern all organic systems. In other words, in the beginning there were no Laws of Physics, the planet earth and all within would however, like the electron, have been a predictable outcome of that initial information set (the information encoded into the Big Bang - the 'DNA' of the universe) in the same sense that the colour of my eyes was a predictable outcome of my own initial information set (the genetic code embedded into my DNA).

The premise being that our universe itself follows the same set of rules that apply to living systems rather than the mechanistic rules that we use in engineering. At the very lowest level, known as the Planck level, we find that the fundamentals of our universe can be described with simple geometrical shapes, the complexity of the universe, as with all organic systems, arises from time = specialization. A baby for example begins as a fertilised cell but after 3 months of growth already resembles the human form and at 9 months can function independently of its mother.

Evolution via a cosmological natural selection process may then be seen as the construction technique used by our universe, the complexity of our universe reflecting the complexity of all living things. Under this definition, we may say that our universe is alive.

As the theory progressed, what was unexpected was that the formulas that were appearing were describing not the universe of modern physics but rather the universe of what is loosely known as the ancient mysteries. The axioms it seemed, could be taken from such luminaries as Pythagoras, Buddha, the Tao etc...

Those who are familiar with physics may refer to the website; www.Planck momentum.com
It is divided into 4 parts (with online calculators to confirm the precision);
1. The physical constants G, h, e, me, kB... etc defined as geometrical constructs in terms of the fine structure constant alpha and the 3 dimensions of motion; Planck momentum, Planck time, c. Precision within CODATA 2010. The universe is reduced to the geometry of motion.
2. The electron as a spherical magnetic monopole (aka quark) in terms of Planck time, elementary charge -e and -c. Can be used to solve the Rydberg constant, the most accurate of the natural constants.
3. The forces (strong, electric, gravity) as physical orbitals (anti-photons). Replaces the forces with photons albeit of opposite phase.
4. Cosmological constant and the expanding-black-hole twin contracting-white-hole universe. Suggests ω = 1.0386, Ω = 9.38 x 10122. CMB data best fit for universe = 13.575 billion years.

The Ancient Mysteries
The classic 1975 bestseller "Tao of Physics" by Dr. Fritjof Capra was an attempt to link the writings of the ancient philosophers and teachers (Pythagoras, Plato, Buddha, Tao etc) with modern physics. However it, as with other contemporary attempts, was limited to an analysis of parallels, that the ancient view-point may somehow provide insights to quantum physics, and was unable to reach any significant conclusion.

In this text, Plato's Cave (taken from Plato's The Republic 'Allegory of the Cave'), I have taken axioms that resemble the ancient universe; in particular the 5 element theory of the universe (earth, water, fire, air, quintessence), the Matrix (all is number), the Harmony of the Spheres (Pythagoras), the Buddhist notion of Emptiness or Nothingness, the Taoist Yin-Yang, Og the Caveman's double spiral and so forth... and show how these may be used to re-interpret observations in modern physics.

What we then find is a universe that seems to operate according to the mathematics of biological systems... yet a universe whose only constructs are the 3 dimensions of motion; momentum, time and velocity... a universe that is no more physical or material than the shadows on the wall of a cave or images on a computer screen...

The question then becomes; could this organic "universe that isn't" also be a description of our own universe? read Part I; the organic universe


The 5th element

A 5 element theory and the fundamental constants of physics
We are not sure where the 5 element theory of the universe originated, but by 500BC it had spread from Japan, China, Tibet, India to Europe. It included the 4 terrestrial elements (earth, water, fire, air) and a 5th celestial element, the fabric of the universe itself. Curiously physics also uses 4 elements, known as the mksA SI units (kg, m, s, A), and if we extrapolate from these we can propose a 5th celestial SI unit -Q, the square root of Planck momentum...

Plato Cave fifth 5th element


The mystery of the Yin-yang

The Yin-yang and the wave-particle duality dilemma
The present-day philosophical Yin-yang symbolizes a dualism, however the original Taoist Yin-yang was a mathematical shape, the graph of a cyclic event over time. When we apply this to natural systems, from electrons to galaxies, we find that it describes the phenomena known in physics as wave-particle duality (that light is sometimes a wave and sometimes a point). If we use the dimensions of time and velocity, our Yin-yang graph reduces Einsteins relativity and E=mc2 formula to a simple Pythagorean relationship. We may then ask, if it applies to all natural systems, does it also apply to us ... read more...


Time and the Yin-yang universe

From a black-hole universe with a white-hole twin
If we suppose our universe to be an expanding black-hole universe with a contracting white-hole universe twin, then we find a rationale for time, the arrow of time, relativity, dark-matter, dark-energy, mass, space etc where the complexity of our universe, as with all organic systems, arises because of time... read more...


The Matrix

The Mystery of the Mathematical Universe
In the film The Matrix, the central theme was that our universe is not real, it is just a series of numbers...

Matrix Mathematical Universe Hypothesis

The film was inspired by Pythagoras and Plato. In physics it is called a Mathematical Universe Hypothesis or MUH and relates to the origin of mathematics... is mathematics a human invention or do we discover it just as Columbus 'discovered' America (for example)... does the formula for a triangle exist in the same sense as an apple exists, could that solid chair upon which I sit be just a mathematical formula and so on...

The answer may be quite simple, I propose that the universe uses a well-known technique called modulation ... read more...


Gravity & the Harmony of the Spheres

In which Pythagoras suggests an alternative
In a theory known as the Harmony of the Spheres (or Music of the Spheres), Pythagoras proposed that the Sun, Moon and planets each emit their own unique 'hum' based on their orbital revolution.

When we follow this line of reasoning to its logical conclusion and do the mathematics, we find a solution for gravity that can also be applied to the nucleus, the atom and to molecules. The GUT Grand Unified Theory of physics then becomes a Greek Unified Theory. Pythagorean gravity suggests that the moon is not orbiting the earth, Newton's apple didn't fall ...

gravitational waves demo


Śūnyatā (emptiness or nothingness)

In which we build a universe from zero
From the Buddhist and Hindu concepts of Śūnyatā (emptiness or nothingness) came the mathematical concept of zero. We show how from zero we can construct atoms. In fact it seems that we can build an entire universe from this mathematical zero. So then, what is zero? ... read more...


Cosmological constant and the double spiral

Fibonacci's golden ratio and the double or twin spiral
The logarithmic spiral, the most famous being the Fibonacci spiral (the golden spiral or golden mean) is the classic example of a mathematical rule that applies to both living organisms and physical systems. According to a University of Manchester study; "The largest ever research project into mathematical patterns in flowers has proved a link between number sequences and nature, Manchester scientists said..."

The first 'attempt' at a Planck unit theory of nature was by an unknown Cro-Magnon ‘physicist’ 24,000 years ago who engraved onto a mammoth tooth a spiral made up with rows of dots. If we change 'dot' for Planck 'micro black-hole' then... read more...

500BC Theory of Everything

Nobel laureate Leon Lederman once wrote:

'My ambition is to live to see all physics reduced to a formula so elegant and simple that it will fit on a T-shirt'

Leon Lederman TOE t-shirt

Our universe; the great symphony

To understand our universe, whose only dimensions are the dimensions of motion; momentum, time and velocity, and which is constantly growing in tempo, a sort of cosmic Bolero... we must first discard our 3-D view of the world in exchange for the language of music, for how can we use mass and length to describe a symphony?


The Logos

"Concepts that have proven useful in ordering things easily attain such an authority over us that we forget their Earthly origins and accept them as unalterable facts. The path of scientific advance is often made impassable for a long time through such errors... our conceptions of Physical Reality can never be definitive; we must always be ready to alter them, to alter, that is, the axiomatic basis of physics" -Albert Einstein

"We are all agreed that your theory is crazy. The question which divides us is whether it is crazy enough to have a chance of being correct" -Niels Bohr

Intelligent-design evolution fine-tuning cosmology

read FAQs

The Philosophy
Continued from The Physics (above)

evolution, fine-tuning cosmology and Intelligent Design
If the natural fundamental physical constants are fixed in value, then the multiverse (fine-tuning cosmology) as a theory collapses, is Intelligent Design then left as the most probable cause?...

Destiny, Buddhism, Taoism, Karma, Free-Will and wave-particle duality
If this Yin-yang solution for wave-particle duality also applies to us, then Buddhist Karma becomes the Portrait of Dorian Gray. Oscar Wilde meets the Tao...

The Matrix, Mathematical Realism (Platonism) and a Mathematical Universe
Just as we may use frequency modulation to transmit music (FM radio) so too the universe uses electron modulation and proton modulation to make atoms...

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